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...and it's not over yet. First, it didn't start out like it used to. Like a TX Christmas could be hot or cold. Windy or calm. Definitely not for the faint hearted or the frozen. No. But now I'm in southern California, and it did rain a couple of days ago. I think the lowest temperature we've had in a week was 50 degrees. Overnight. So would someone please tell me why the natives run around here in 60 + degree weather wearing pea coats, wool scarves and Ugg boots?!?
     I somehow managed to get hired a week before Christmas. In this economy. At a time when everyone is already over-staffed for the season. And I wasn't even really looking. Like the other job I started here, it kind of fell into my lap. So although I was looking forward to being at home with the kids for the first time in a decade, once again I'm working over the holidays. Whatever. I'm thankful anyway. Mostly.
     My children are the best part of Christmas. But stress doesn't always make the best of every situation. After a few days of one child's severe unhappiness over a relationship, the final resolution towards a loving family together again came through an unfortunate blow up, a hasty retreat and then multiple hugs and tears. What's a holiday without drama? All this while in the midst of me making Christmas dinner. 
     Speaking of which, I was looking forward to having my folks up today because it's only been twice in the last fifteen years we've had Christmas with them.
First phone call: both sisters are feeling sick; slept late. Oh, ok. So's a child of mine.
Second phone call: we're running late. Be there at 1pm instead.
Third phone call: we haven't left town yet. We've been in an accident.

At least it won't be forgettable...

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